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Recapping the First Leg of the National Tour

Over the last month or so, the SparkFun Education Team has been out on the first leg of the National Tour. We’ve now completed our visit to the western states! Here’s a quick rundown of our trip, starting with a video of our visit to San Jose and the Bay Area. On June 7th, Matt Johnson from…

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Classes Here, There, Everywhere

SparkFun is really lucky to get a lot of great people coming through Boulder to visit. We also get to go into the world and see fantastic projects, great research and some truly inspiring classrooms. Last fall, on a tour, we met with Derek Runberg and spent time in his classroom outside Portland.…

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SparkFun at the National Robotics Challenge and Fuse Factory in Ohio!

In the next week, SparkFun will be traveling all around (namely the NSTA conference in San Antonio and the Cambridge Science Festival) and there’s a good chance you’ll get to see us! A couple of us are heading to Ohio for the National Robotics Challenge in Marion, OH. This event takes…

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West Coast Tour 2012, Part 2

As our travels continued we headed for the Bay Area, catching a night in the mountains outside Santa Cruz. It was then on into San Francisco to hit our next round of workshops. Our next appointment was at Noisebridge in the Mission District. We’d been talking to Mitch Altman, and he asked if we…

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West Coast Tour 2012, Part 1

SparkFun travels a lot these days. The Education Department spent most of September and October 2012 traveling, meeting our customers and teaching. With the announcement of the SparkFun National Tour last week, we thought it would be a good time to share our story about one of these trips. Last…

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Tour Time is here!

The time has come and SparkFun's Department of Education is back on the road. Linz Craig and Jim Lindblom will be on the east coast through October 16th, and they'll be doing workshops at Artist's Asylum, MIT and Tufts. Linz will also be at the upcoming Maker Faire…

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SparkFun West Coast Tour 2012

We've been posting a few things about our up coming trip to the west coast. We've got a few details to share, and maybe a few chances for you to catch up with SparkFun's Dept. of Education! Here's the rough schedule: Chandler, AZ - Oct. 14 LA - Oct. 15-19 Central CA - Oct. 20-21 Bay…

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Siemens STEM Academy at Discovery Headquarters

SparkFun gets a lot of requests to run workshops, and we try our best to get to as many events as we can. We see a wide variety of events from mini Maker Faires to the USA Science and Engineering Festival. It's really a special treat to get to travel and spend time with our customers, and we…

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SparkFun Heading to Mini Maker Faire Champlain

We're all really big fans of Maker Faire (and Mini Maker Faire) at SparkFun - we have sponsored the Faires from very early on. The big Faires, New York and San Mateo are spectacles of the first order. The draw of the Faire is that you get to see things and meet people who have common interest…

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SparkFun Heads West!

SparkFun's Department of Education has spent a great deal of 2012 on the road. In fact, we've all just returned from a national blitz where Amanda had a workshop in Texas, Linz and Jeff were in Washington, D.C., followed by workshops in South Carolina. All preceded by meetings in the…

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Final East Coast Tour Recap

This is part three of our East Coast trip recap! You can check out Part I here and Part II here! Here we go... Next on our itinerary was Washington, DC, for the United States of America Science and Engineering Festival (USASEF). This year, we setup a soldering booth! The festival was huge,…

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East Coast Tour Recap: Part II

Welcome to part two of our look back on SparkFun's 2012 East Coast tour! If you missed the first installment, you can check it out here. Onward! After spending the weekend in Boston, Linz and I jumped on the Mass Pike and headed to the Five College area. Our first stop would be UMass Amherst for…

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East Coast Tour Recap: Part I

Recently, two members of SparkFun's Department of Education hit the road for three weeks, traveling around the East Coast teaching technology and connecting with educators and students. I left SparkFun on April 8th with a van chock full of electronics, soldering irons, computers, promo gear and…

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  • News - In Which We Are Not Havin… | about 3 weeks ago

    Big round of applause, thanks and encouragement to Chris, Mike, Steven, Nick, Casey, and the amazing men and women who run our site. It’s not always easy, but they are awesome.

  • News - SparkFun's Heading to SXS… | about 2 months ago

    The whole thing begins with fried chicken. Nothing will get a balloon of the ground like Texas cooking. Except maybe western swing.

  • News - Enginursday: Adventures i… | about 2 months ago

    I made my desk at SFE.

  • News - Quad Fever! | about 3 months ago

    I’ve flown this to about 200" in 8-10mph winds with a Fly Cam camera. They are pretty remarkable for the price/payload. I’ve also flown an Arduino Fio, extra LiPo battery and a couple different instrument packages on them. I just shelled out the 35$ for an X1 on Amazon and we’ll see how it shakes out. Thanks for the post Mike, nice.

  • News - Jeff Branson at Engadget … | about 6 months ago

    OOOOOOOOOOh, Pete. You silver-tongued devil.

  • News - Jeff Branson at Engadget … | about 6 months ago

    Thank you Dave, i need you to.

  • News - Promoting Science When th… | about 7 months ago

    Please do not judge all of us by our geographic location. There is more true diversity within this company than you might assume. There are more than a few veterans, there is a strong internal second amendment group and there are those of us who are supporters of reforms from all corners of the spectrum. We are tasked with maintaining a public forum(highly democratic) that is connected to a commercial entity(capitalistic), a delicate balance at the best of times. These may not be those times.

  • News - Weather Ballooning in the… | about 7 months ago

    It turned out to be a hamburger at The Mt. Washington Inn, they tried to convince us that the establishments further along the highway might be a better choice. We would have none of it. We were sweaty and jubilant and soon a crowd of people had gathered around Dave’s laptop to view pictures and ask questions. We told and retold the tale into the night until I had to drag everyone from the bar and load them into the Rv for the next adventure.We can’t wait to go back.

  • | about 11 months ago

    Amanda and I drove down on a whim on Saturday after our workshop with The Girl Scouts. AJ let us in and took us on the grand tour. We spent probably and hour with him and the place is awesome. laser cutter(huge), machine tools(always my favorite) , digital tooling and photography. We cant wait to get back for their events around Maker Faire Detroit. Thanks AJ!

  • News - Intro to Arduino with the… | last year

    Yes, we can cover this in the class, it’s right in line with the material. Also, the 555 suggestion is an option. Bring your project, we love this stuff.

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