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  • Awesome! I’m there!

  • Warning ladies… this shirt is TINY. Order one, maybe two sizes up.

  • You’ll need to download new version of the IDE: http://arduino.cc/en/Main/SoftwareDue

    Arduino 1.5.0 IDE is apparently in Beta, but it’s the IDE you would use for the Due, and you can give it a test run using any other Arduino.

    They’ve done a little bit to change the IDE, so probably a good idea to give it a spin before your Due arrives. But, for the most part, the environment/syntax for the Due is the same.

    The Due has some added functionality, so I imagine we’ll see some syntax that’s Due-specific as well.

    I had a Beta version of the Due for a few months, and I tend to just hook things up and cross my fingers… I didn’t damage mine. ;)

  • Very nice! Thanks for theory + working demo!

  • Wow Nate! That’s awesome… I’d come if I could :(

    BTW… fix your “Open Source by Strategy” slide… maybe it’s just me, but I’m seeing 2003 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004… on the x-axis.

    I’m excited for you… let me know if you want me to proof-read any more of your slides ;)