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  • Is an equal amount of each box going to be available or will there be less 1.5lb boxes?


  • Thank you for posting a write up especially posting up sample photos - definitely helps when choosing embedded cameras such as this. Also, your issue with not being able to fetch images at any baud higher than 38400 - were you using sofwareserial? I believe 38400 is the highest stable baud rate you can achieve with the software serial port. Just a thought. I may be wrong so someone please chime in if so.

  • The 3.5" also has a better resolution. 3.2" is 320x240 vs the 3.5" at 480x320

  • How much of the guide and code library will be compatible with the original IOIO? I have not even cracked it open since I bought it, but this gives me a new ambition.

  • The first one was 7 months ago…it seems Sparkfun might be able to pull this off 2x a year if we are lucky!

  • I missed it! NOOOOO! Oh well, I got one last time, all is fair in the end. But I did have an email alert set up for when it arrived back in stock, but never got one? I realize by the time I would have navigated to your site it would have been too late, but I was just wondering. Anyway it’s awesome that you guys got to pull this off again…hopefully I won’t miss the next one!

  • Well, this is now my favorite new product post!

  • Is this free shipping on orders over $60 from now on? Because that is amazing.

    Also, I am so close to catching that ghost.

  • Thank you! Never won anything before, glad it was something that may help others as well.

  • Old trick taught to me many years ago regarding Ohm’s Law. It pings my memory every time.


    • V is the Vulture
    • I is the Indian
    • R is the Rabbit

    To remember how to solve for each, remember that:

    • The Vulture sees the Indian next to the Rabbit ( V = IR )

    • The Indian sees the Vulture hovering over the Rabbit ( I = V/R, or I = V (over) R )

    • The Rabbit sees the Vulture flying over the Indian ( R = V/I, or R = V (over) I )

    For most people this seems incredibly easy and is almost unnecessary. But depending on the age you teach this to, it can stick while still teaching basic math. I know this worked well when I was younger, and has stuck with me since. Maybe it will help someone else!