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  • Can you connect multiple masters to this? Can I connect my phone and my friends phone, and either of us can play music? Not at the same time, of course. But will it support multiple connections?

  • The link in the text “The Arduino MKR1000 is a powerful board that combines…” won’t load, just FYI!

  • Can you change the splash screen on this using the serial commands? I found an old document that says “set up the first two lines how you want them, then send…” But I was not sur eif that applied to this unit? Also, what commands, if send via arduino, will allow me to customize the splash screen?


  • Are these type B1 or B2? Are these the “alt” footprint you use in your Eagle library or standard? Thanks!

  • So you’re running Python scripts on the Edison?

  • In the hookup guide, the last bit of code you guys show cuts off at “void initializeCard(void){ …” I was not sure if this was intentional or not.

  • Is an equal amount of each box going to be available or will there be less 1.5lb boxes?


  • Thank you for posting a write up especially posting up sample photos - definitely helps when choosing embedded cameras such as this. Also, your issue with not being able to fetch images at any baud higher than 38400 - were you using sofwareserial? I believe 38400 is the highest stable baud rate you can achieve with the software serial port. Just a thought. I may be wrong so someone please chime in if so.

  • The 3.5" also has a better resolution. 3.2" is 320x240 vs the 3.5" at 480x320

  • How much of the guide and code library will be compatible with the original IOIO? I have not even cracked it open since I bought it, but this gives me a new ambition.