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  • Just to say thank you! I was going crazy with this problem (in my case it was slightly different: the load at the output is so high, that the EN was never enabled and the board was pumping 1.5A from the batteries… I did as you suggest, and it worked… (I did not de-solder the surface mounted chip, but get to the connection from the other side using a drill - probably as difficult if not more than your advice). Yes, pretty crappy board I must say.
    Thanks again

  • Interesting… I have also used sparkfun extensively to design my “haptic radar” headband:
    as well as the “haptikar”:
    and haptic “mask” (haptikat):

  • Great work, looks beautiful. Looks like we’ve been working on similar things (by the way, my prototype is also done with arduino - ATiny13 and Atmega8):
    (I’ve been buying the Arduino components from Sparkfun by the way ;)
    Check this too: