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Hobiest, Navy Communications Tech (electronics). Retired Elec Engineer with wide range of experience now volunteering at the Illinois Challenger Learning Center and doing Mr. Wizard type things.


Consultant, but not to interested in accepting big jobs any more.

Programming Languages

Forgo, Fortran, Focal, Basic, 6809asm, 8080asm, 8085asm, Microchip, and lots of VBA in Excel.


U of I Circle


Electronics and everything else…Digital, Analog, RF, whatever. Ham, Photog, Holograms in basement…


Too many

Wouldn’t mind seeing an electronics focused hacker space get set up in N.E Illinois. I have test equipment and parts…



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Also, some small things in QST.

  • Technosource USA has interesting “Glow Crazy” kits. I got one at Toys-R-Us. The Distance Doodler (UPC 8-01561 01054-1) has two 11.5" x 15.5" pieces of what looks like this type of paper. It unfortunately stays somewhat curled from in the box. The best part is a handheld ‘pen’ which contains a Blue/UV LED as well as a Blue/UV laser. The LED and Laser both have some visible blue light, but also excite fluorescent materials well. The difference in reflected brightness between various “white” papers and plastics it interesting since some have fluorescent whitener that is clearly excited. The Laser has a spot about an inch diameter at 25 feet (3.3 mrad, or 1.9 deg divergence). This is about 2-3 times that of a good HeNe, and ok for drawing at 5-10 feet. The only info included about the light is that it is a Class I laser (LED). I couldn’t find any CDRH Accession number. Not trying to divert sales, but FYI: Amazon shows two versions (Jan-4 2014). The one I have is $15.15 on Amazon ASIN: B00AAJ6CO4. I don’t know the difference between this and the other one $14.50. One Amazon review says sheets are also available from stuffedanimals dot com and search for “glow crazy bonus pack”. Looks like five smaller sheets for $14.95. Regards, Steve

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