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  • what is the mass of the sensor apparatus itself?

  • Has the source of the issue with noisy bus and communication dropout been addressed? I love this form factor, but the sparkX run had that issue that holds me back.

  • Aha, now that I've had my coffee, it's apparent that the kit allows remote mounting of the Linear Resonant Actuator. Thank you sparkfun, and coffee!

  • i’m really excited about these Linear Resonant Actuators!

    why does it cost 1usd more for a tiny slip of wire and lack of assembly?

  • Can this handle 25.6V? LiFePO4 chemistry 3.2 volt per cell * 8 cell = 25.6 volt. If unsure I'll just use a 12V or 24V regulator.

  • This will tell me, quantitatively, how stinky the air inside a fridge is? Technology is incredible.

  • Hello, a somewhat similar situation arose for me too. On a quiet bus, the LEDs worked great. On a busy bus, some would randomly become full white and then go back to the programmed color, eventually halting all i2c traffic.

    Putting the LED stick behind a qwiic mux board seems to have solved that fail mode. LED is fading at 50ms update interval, with no flickering to white, and the traffic upstream of the mux board is functioning normally.

    Hope this helps. The form factor is cool, but this i2c bugginess makes using it challenging..

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