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  • Can anyone confirm if this will work with Vernier's Wireless Hand Grip Heart Rate monitor? http://www.vernier.com/products/sensors/hgh-bta/

    That comes with a special wireless receiver that usually connects with other Vernier interafaces like GoLink etc. via BT connector

  • Are these fine to use without batteries as well? I'm building an exhibition with a whole lot of Arduino Pro Mini's and was thinking to use them connected to the USB ports of the computers that are connected to each one? Seems to work when I tested it - but not sure how it would be after a few days of continuous running?

    In a show I ran last year - I had these connected to a 1000 mAh Li Polly - usually I'd leave them to charge overnight then let the Arduino Pro Minis run on the battery - occasionally I'd have to leave them pluged into the computer - in effect - charging for upto 48 hours.

    One of my li polly batteries looked very swollen and puffed up at the end of this show - not sure if it was because it got left on 'charge' too long - or what…

    Any recommendations would be most welcome


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