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  • That is correct.

  • As far as I've been able to determine, using aptX doesn't affect the latency. I measure nearly 200ms using SBC or aptX. Also, it appears that there's no way to initiate an aptX connection from the BC127. The audio source has to do it. My testing was done using two BC127 devices with one set as an audio source, as my apple devices don't support aptX.

  • You can get the the latest version of Melody (5.5RC11) and the updater application from the BC127 page of the BlueCreation website. As with any firmware updates, be careful when performing the update. https://www.bluecreation.com/product_info.php?products_id=38

  • Yes, this works. You can stream music while sending and receiving BLE data.

  • I have finally figured this one out: a typo was made by either the programmers or the manual writers. The manual shows "ENABLE_BATTERY_IND", but "ENABLE_BATT_IND" is what actually works. I have tested it with Melody 5.0 RC11 and 5.5 RC3.

  • Yeah, I've discovered that too. The Jamboree's design uses a TPA6138A2 headphone amplifier to go from differential to single-ended, and they've used the reference design from its data sheet. My project originally was going to use a small amp that had differential inputs and everything was fine. After switching to a larger amp which was single-ended, I eventually also switched to a Jamboree to make things easier.

  • I used the SparkFun FTDI Basic Breakout, and didn't connect CTS or DTR - just VCC, GND, TX, and RX. I've just gotten a PurpleTooth Jamboree and am about to upgrade it as well. Hopefully it works.

  • I'm getting tons of noise when I try to connect the audio outputs (which are differential) to a non-differential audio amplifier. I'm using an op amp to convert the differential signal to a non-differential one, but I'm sure that I must be missing something. What are all of you using?

  • Resolved. It appears to have been missing VC++ libraries and possibly the order in which they were installed. The Melody Updater comes with the 2005 and 2012 redistributable libraries, but I also ended up installing the Windows 7 SDK. Now I have Melody v5.5 running on my BC127.

  • Has anyone tried using the Melody Updater? I can't get it to run on any of my Windows machines. I would post this question on the Bluecreation forums, but I've been waiting a couple of days for them to activate my account.

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