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  • I'm trying to build a foot pedal that will allow me to send MIDI "note on" information to a sampler at fixed velocity (127, if 127 is maximum). The information would be sent when a momentary switch is pressed and will stop sending when it is released. I also want this pedal to be able to send the same information if a different MIDI note is needed, so I would be able to move up, say from note 1, to note 20, without changing the velocity. This would enable me to trigger different loops with my sampler with my foot throughout my set.
    With this MIDI shield would this be possible? Also, whenever I look, throughout the open source projects that people are making which use Arduino boards, no one ever mentions the board model they have used and there are quite a few!
    Basically I am trying to build a similar design to the Midi Mouse, of a similar size, but allows me to send MIDI note information, as the Midi Mouse doesn't seem to (and anyway, is rather over-priced).

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