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  • for Mac with Norwegian layout; alt(option) + w(lower case) = Ω

  • There's so many things wrong with this cable, that I can't stop myself from wanting one.

  • Might be worth noting that while "Molex Connector Pinout" shows both center-pins as ground, only one of them is actually ground in this PSU.

  • Manuf was nice enough to forward my question to an engineer, which kindly responded:

    Our GP-2106 will have 1PPS signal while GPS get fixed.

    So looks good, and looks like this module should be a good choice for NTP time sync.

  • The datasheet specifies:

    PPS (TIMEMARK) This pin provides one pulse-per-second output from the board, which is synchronized to GPS time. Need firmware supporting. If don't used, can open. Note: At present PPS function has not opened.

    It's not clear to me if this means that the PPS output isn't presently supported by the firmware, or if it means the PPS isn't enabled when the device is powered on, and needs to be enabled.

    Anyone have the module and can confirm actual status?

    (And does anyone know how to enable it, if possible? If it's possible, I'm guessing a NMEA config line?)

  • If you open a box around the inventory time, just do the inventory before opening the box. Alternatively, if you're opening a box of 1000, taking three, and going rate of them are 300/day, just postpone until they're used up.

    So basically, run inventory of a paft when old and loose parts either is or should be zero. If it should be zero, but isn't, adjust inventory if it's low work, wait if it's a lot of work and can be put off (leave a marker to do inventory next time there are only full boxes), and only ever count loose parts if it's severely low turnover (a new box isn't opened in a year, probably rare edge case).

  • Probably no need to place any codes, almost certainly one on the box as it is.
    As far as I can tell, you need to log three things:
    Unexpected difference in old stack (should be zero)
    Number of boxes in new stack
    Barcode (scannable)
    Is this the point where I suggest a pen-type barcode reader, hooked to a lilypad over some kind of serial?
    Add xbee for live-feed of what needs checking, and reporting back?
    If it doesn't fit the infrastructure, I suppose it could be kept separate, and converted to look like a normal count at regular intervals, until time permits a proper update of primary system.
    So a couple of days of hacking, and problem gone? (because projects aleays finish on time... ;) )

  • Invert the problem!
    Don't count what you have, count what you do not have.
    Let me explain that in a more rational sounding manner... Let's call it buffer-assisted cycle counting, or some such fancy buzzword. Whenever an item is close to it's count date, start putting fresh stock aside (or just divide it's shelf with a marker). Whenever the old pile reaches zero, confirm you have zero on the shelf, adjust if there's more than expected, and toss the marker. If your physical inventory runs out before expected, adjust then, and toss the marker.
    No more counting, and accurate results.
    (okay, you might want to run over the new stock with a bardcode scanner when tossing the marker, but you should never have to count items, just boxes, and only for a single item-type at a time)
    Sounds good?
    (simply put: cycle counting weighted by when old inventory is or should be zero. Or just take inventory count modulo box-size, and count when it's zero, and you only should have full boxes. For loose stuff around production etc, run the box-count when you're out, and need to get more (whole boxes) anyway).
    (cycle-counting seems IRS-safe, this is just smart-weighting it, and should be fine)

  • I actually ordered one of these from Sparkfun, despite Radio Shack selling it for less. Radio Shack doesn't ship to Norway, SFE does. And at a rather fair shipping rate.

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