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  • It doesn't sound like this flex circuit is made for repeated flex, but if it can handle it. Imaging a cloth trivet/hot pad with an LED aray coming out of one side and an array of magnets on the other to make a flexible flash light type device. I would love to wrap one around my drivetrain, or similar surface, while working under my car. Having a single point source light that points in one direction leads to a lot of shadows under a car, and I constantly have to try and move/adjust the light. Finding a good battery could be the hard part. You could use a couple small lipos together, to retain flexibility. You could also sell just the inside LED board. Use RGB leds and people could wrap them in lamps shades or anywhere they want for a more artistic application. This would be nice because you could use some I2C IO expanders on the flex circuit, so someone only has to connect 4 wires from what ever they want to use to drive the pad. If it is possible the user to desolder/solder parts, you could have pullups/downs on the expander address lines to allow someone to pick addresses and daisy chain several of the light pads together.

  • A small strip with a USB A male connector and a USB micro B male connector would be nice. It might not have mass appeal, but it would allow me to easily 3D print a cradle that will hold my phone and my backup battery together. It would keep people from having to cut up USB cables and soldering them back together. It would be even nicer because it could have some mounting holes or slots in the flex board so the whole thing would be sturdier. Trying to hold a phone in your hand and something like this in your hand or pocket is cumbersome http://www.amazon.com/Thunderbolt-Incredible-cellphone-connectors-customized/dp/B009USAJCC/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_nC?ie=UTF8&colid=27P5ACPG6GUSI&coliid=I9JFT5GDXJ3K7

  • This was one of the best ideas I could think of, but I'm late to the party. Just wanted to comment to agree that I think this would be a cool product for sparkfun. Put double sided tape on the back and you can add buttons to just about anything. You should also be able to print a "custom interface" on an inkjet and tape it over the front. You could design an array in a way that also allows the user to cut it down to size if they need fewer buttons on a particular project. This would give the product uses a lot of ....... flexibility.

  • Is there any low voltage protection built into this pack or do I need to keep a close eye on battery cell voltage?

  • Thank you for this link. There is actually a new one about 20 min from me.

  • This is an interesting unscientific strength test of printed parts that I found.

  • Does anyone have measurements for this clock? I have an old clock that I would like to try and retrofit. Thanks.

  • Did you guys decide that you aren't going to sell any more of the slugs? I was hoping you were just taking a break to investigate the legalities and liabilities. I really like the idea of making a d6 out of them.

  • I have ordered from Sparkfun several times in the past. I really like the company, with BatchPCB, a lot of the breakout boards, tutorials, etc you do a lot to support the hobby community. I always wish I had known about you guys when I was still in school and had more time to tinker. I know other sites charge less for the basic components but I still order some of them from you just to help support the business. I even keep a sparkfun wish list for my self just waiting until I have to order from you so I can add in a couple cool things. I had my cart loaded up early and was hoping to get some cool stuff on freeday. I didn?t and I ended up feeling pretty frustrated and upset. I know I really shouldn?t be since you guys were just helping out. I was trying to think how to get back at a company I like and want to support but I am currently mad at for stupid reasons. So, in the same vein as desert bus for hope I am going to torture you with money. You shipping department now has one more order they have to fulfill ;) I like to imagine some unkempt guy with a 5 day old beard and lack of sleep blinking repeatedly as he tries to see straight enough to slap yet another shipping label on my box, not realizing he left the packing peanut gun on while it spills foam all over the room :)

  • For some reason I have had a hard time finding good 3.3V Character LCDs. I will be ordering some soon. Thanks you!

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