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  • I thought I couldn't make it switch from channel A to B or vice versa, but I was doing it wrong. It does seem as if any cycle in which you change the channel will be extended to about a 60msec length. So if you alternate between channels, you get about 8 readings per second for each channel. Do other people agree that this is what to expect, or is there some procedure that could speed it up?

  • But, if you can live with just 512 discrete output files, you can buy a recorded-sound module like Sparkfun's WTV020SD for $20 plus a micro-SD card. Then you could use the very best computer-generated speech, or your own voice, or the voice of anyone you could persuade to read the samples. I do agree though, arbitrary text to speech is the cool way to go.

  • What's going to happen at MIT and when?

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