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  • I ordered this board and a 3V inverter with a couple of lengths of EL-wire: a sizable investment for my limited budget. This shield lacked two things: a 3V connection or any sort of option for it (or even a space for a regulator), so I had to hack one in on the prototype space. It also lacked working: I connected it up, sure of my connections, and the inverter wouldn't start. Turns out the HVGND and HV pins are swapped in the cables/board so it wont work. Really really poor show Sparkfun, I expect to shell out money for parts which fit together and work! Or at least a very clear set of instructions to a fix. Really disappointed in this product. Got it working now, after re-soldering the wires from the inverter...hardly plug and play.

  • I'm still of the opinion that what really needs to be made is a couple of boards with a smallish (like the mr roboto's one) LCD, 4 buttons, maybe an led and breakout connectors on the back, including I2C etc. Shipping with a simple wire control interface it could be a nice way of simply adding a screen and a few buttons (a UI) to a project without having to really wire something up. If they were produced in quantity they could drop to the price of an arduino (which would be one of the core options, along with maybe something pic or cortex-m0 flavoured), so they could be left in projects. They could also be the main board to quite a lot of projects, being wired or directly mounted on another board... A sort of "universal interface". Prehaps a pro one might have a uSD card etc on it and a bigger screen, but that would rather defeat the point of cheap...Just a thought...

  • Can you run the LPC2148 at higher than 12MHz and still get USB?

  • It looked like a lino cut in the vote

  • More IO Pins, Now nearly the same as the Arduino Mega. Wiring is not as big anymore.

  • When will the voting end?
    The top 4 rule but the product Tee is so much cooler and hasn't got the logo on it.
    Is it a Lino cut?

  • Sorry, couldn't find it, it is in there.

  • Can you make a part for this in the eagle library.

  • Do you think one could order one of the IR sensors as a "replacement" as I want to try one out without destroying my wiimote (not from you). Else could you list the part Name.

  • I think you should add a Arduino compatible connector on the end and a 3V3 regulator as the FIDI chip can only provide 20mA so cannot power a pro.