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  • It seems like has been down for about a week. I’m getting either a page with no data, or a Server 502 Bad Gateway everytime I try to access my data stream located here:

    I tried other public streams and all give the same errors, so it doesn’t appear to be the weather station itself, but rather

    I realize it’s free and in beta, but I was wondering, if there was somewhere I should report this to Sparkfun?

    Is on the way out? And if so, any suggestions which IOT service would be easiest to migrate the weather station to use?

  • I did the same thing, trying to remap keys for the Mame emulator to match the buttons. I followed the link in the Tutorial to RetroBuilt Games. Here’s a copy of the link:

    Then I downloaded the “RetroPie_V3.8.1 for Pi2 / Pi3” image and used Win32DiskImager to re-image the card. That seemed to get me back to square one.

  • I hit the reply button too soon. I forgot to mention that you comment out the imp.onidle function and replace it with the imp.wakeup() function. The wakeup function is a light sleep function that stays connected to the wifi and processes messages from the agent.

    server.log("Wait 60 seconds then sleep.");
    imp.wakeup(60.0, naptime);
    //Power down the imp to low power mode, then wake up after 60 seconds
    //Wunderground has a minimum of 2.5 seconds between Rapidfire reports
    // imp.onidle(function() {
    //  server.log("Nothing to do, going to sleep for 5 minutes");
    //  server.sleepfor(300);
  • I found another issue with the midnight reset. There’s a race condition in the device code. If the device goes idle before the agent.on request is made, then the midnight reset is ignored. Because messages are ignored when the device goes into a deep sleep.

    The function imp.wake() will process messages during it’s sleep time, so I changed the logic, to add a 60 second wait using imp.wakeup(), then it calls a method to put the device into a deep sleep for 5 minutes using imp.sleepfor(300). (I wanted to sleep more to save the battery life.) 60 seconds is probably a bit long, but it works fine for me now.

     function naptime() {
         server.log("Nothing to do, going to sleep for 5 minutes");
    // Start this party going!

    server.log(“Wait 60 seconds then sleep.”); imp.wakeup(60.0, naptime);

  • Over time, my solar panel has developed several white spots in the plastic covering. The look like air bubbles. It seems to still recharge the battery, more or less the same. But lately, after an unprecedented 10 days of rain in the Carolinas, the plastic has blistered and split and looks like there is moisture underneath the plastic coating.

    I just mounted the solar panel facing south off my deck, exposed directly to the sun and the elements. Was this wrong? I had thought solar panels were made to use outdoors, but was there something I should have done to weatherproof it?

    Or did I just get a lemon, and should I order a new one from Sparkfun? It’s only been three months outdoors.

  • midnight


    I had the same problem. I noticed the midnight reset was occurring at the wrong hour.

    I traced through the code and noticed that the logic in the agent local time, was not setting the string properly for the noon hour. Noon should be 12:00 PM instead it was setting it to 12:00 AM. 12:00AM is midnight.

    To fix this, I modified calcLocalTime function to set the string to PM whenever the hour is greater than or equal 12.

    local AMPM = "AM";
    if(hour >= 12) //grw - fix noon hour to be PM
        hour -= 12; //Get rid of military time
        AMPM = "PM";
    if(hour == 0) hour = 12; //Midnight/Noon case

    Later on in the checkMidnight routine I updated the code to only send a request at 12:00 AM. Originally it would send the midnight reset at 4 AM and 4PM. (I don’t know why.) Here’s the update I made. The original code check is in the comment.

    function checkMidnight(ignore) { //Check to see if it’s midnight. If it is, send @ to Arduino to reset time based variables

    //Get the local time that this measurement was taken
    local localTime = calcLocalTime(); 
    // server.log("Local time = " + localTime);
    server.log("Local hour = " + format("%c", localTime[0]) + format("%c", localTime[1])  + format("%c", localTime[15]));
    //grw - check for 12%3A00%3A00%20AM string is URL escaped
    // if(localTime[0].tochar() == "0" && localTime[1].tochar() == "4")
    if(localTime[0].tochar() == "1" && localTime[1].tochar() == "2" && localTime[15].tochar() == "A")
      if(midnightReset == false)
            server.log("Sending midnight reset");
            midnightReset = true; //We should only reset once
            device.send("sendMidnightReset", 1);

    This seems to fix the issue for me. I hope this helps!

  • I got the same error with my station. It turned out that data.sparkfun lower cases all the fields, so I changed the agent imp code so that the field name was all lower case, measurementtime, rather than measurementTime, and that worked correctly. Here’s a link to the data feed for my weather station data stream:

  • No problem, things like that happen to everyone.. :-)

    I got it now, thank you!

  • Hi, The Git Hub links for the Arduino Sketch are returning 404 (Not Found). Could you post the code to Git Hub please?


  • Well that was fast. After about 30 minutes of use, the frequency generator is now unresponsive to any button I press. Even when I switch it off and on, it still remains unresponsive and ignores all input. All I was doing was feeding the input into an oscilloscope and watching the waveforms change. Now its stuck on the last the settings I selected before it broke.

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