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  • there are free autorouters for eagle too..
    free routing

  • Reasonably sure this is it.

  • FYI the sparkfun eagle library has two slightly different drill sizes for this part, enough to cause the cnc to choose a different drill.

  • The supplied manual is pretty bad, there is a lot to note about what it can and can't do, not enough memory to boot uCLinux (kernel or the root fs) without extra storage or host connection. The CAN connector seems to be wrongly marked since it lists NC, CANL and GND. no CANH
    CD is pretty weak, the main manual linked here isn't even on it, just the quick start, which has a few important elements missing that you'd need the other manual for. The quick start linked here has more details than the one on the CD.
    At minimum to get going you need power, a serial cable to use flash magic, and an MMC/SD or tftp to store the kernel and rootfs.
    A small point, but the front mounted buttons, aren't what i'd call front mounted, they're not even just recessed, you need a pointy stick of about 8mm to reach them through the access holes, which are on the front panel.
    The PCB is ok quality a lot of the drill holes are a few mil off and are really close to cutting the track.
    It's heavier than I expected. But it so far seems to have a good featureset.
    Apparently there are bugs in the supplied uBoot, but the information is not on the CD, it is on the linked PDF though.
    The flex cable for the LCD is poorly thought out, straight out of the box mine has a few nicks in the edges.
    Olimex stuff is cheap n cheerful.

  • I really want to go, Akihabara was amazing when i went in the early 90's and by all accounts Shenzhen is something else. though i hear a lot of the stuff can be subpar quality, rejects etc. Still its just fascinating to go and see it.
    I'd imagine that i'd be shipping a box of junk home though.
    Looks like the rest of the work outsourced its pollution.

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