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  • This kit needs to have a Mini-USB included in it like the other LilyPad kits. I did not think about this when I ordered it thinking:
    1> I thought I had a Mini-USB in that pile of USB cables ( I had USB to micro, RJ-45 and 11, proprietary, every thing but Mini )
    2> I just kind of assumed it did quickly comparing this one to the LilyPad Pro kit and LilyPad Snap Development board / kits come with one.
    I know it is my fault for not looking more carefully but it is a "Beginners Kit".

  • I want to know if this will do Infra-sound.

  • Still get a 404 error on the Sticker Sheet PDF...

  • Thanks I was wondering.

  • Confused the schematic shows no connector for the VBATT line on the TPS61200.
    The schematic shows JP2, JP9, USB, JP12, and JP1 (5 connectors). In the photo I see USB, a LiPo connector, Vcc/GND, and 5V/GND (4 connectors). I am guessing the the LiPo connector is JP1 or JP12. The USB is USB and Vcc/GND is JP2 and 5V/GND.