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  • Is this supposed to be a low-cost substitute for Arduino Ethernet Shield ( ?

    Are there any differences between PoEthernet Shield and Arduino Ethernet Shield?

  • Hi Pearce thank you for replying.
    Since I am new to this I had couple more questions..I hope you can help me out.
    1. If I understand it correctly, the serial pin of the FTDI Basic connects to the FTDI pin on the Ethernet Pro board, correct?
    2. I looked up the doc for W5100, which is essentially an MCU with TCP/IP feature. So I do not understand why do I need an Arduino for. Can you please explain? Also if I do need an Arduino where and what does it connect to? I am confused here...
    3. Where do I purchase the Optiboot from since I can't seem to find it on Sparkfun?
    Thanks again in advance!

  • So how does one program this? What hardware and software do I need? I am new to please kindly advise..
    Also in the picture I do not see the it there? or what MCU is it using?

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