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  • You can also use any logic chip from the 74HC series, such as the 74HC244 octal buffer. Just power the chip with 3.3v and use a 1K resistor on each of its inputs. It is not bidirectional, but usually connecting a 3.3v output to a 5v input is not a problem anyway.

  • Driver for new Epson displays (bought in March 2009, red tab on cover, green PCB):
    Supports scrolling, but no screen rotation. Tested on ATmega168 and dsPIC33FJ128GP. Might work with Philips too, untested.

  • Here is what I have observed regarding the new Epson display (Red tab on protective cover, green connector, white potting, ordered March 2009):
    * The DATCTL byte 1 options are not ignored, they are just a bit more mysterious. I had to use mode zero in order to get proper operation.
    * DATCTL byte 1 bit 0 is a complete mystery to me, things don't work right when it is set but I can't figure out the pattern
    * DATCTL byte 1 bit 1 causes the cursor to start at the leftmost column of the window, then iterate to the rightmost column, then iterate in the leftwards direction. This does not seem useful to me.
    * DATCTL byte 1 bit 2 causes the cursor to iterate along a column instead of along a row, which is consistent with the datasheet
    * There may be some strangeness if odd numbers are used for window bounds
    * It is possible to set a single pixel in 12-bit mode. It seems that two pixels need to be sent (24 bits) and the first is ignored. If you try to just write 16 bits it will work, but every third column of the display will have one color component wrong.
    * Hopefully I should have a good library written up in a few days, if you are impatient send me a message and I'll post the code.

  • It would be nice if the card slot butted up against the end of the board or even extended over the edge, which would allow this device to be mounted in a enclosure. As it is you need to use your thumbnail to insert the card. Also, the CD pin seems to be wired directly to the case and is always shorted to ground.

  • It would be nice if there was an Eagle footprint consisting of the connector and screw holes. I ordered this breakout board and am designing a board to attach it to, but I don't know where to put the holes. When the mail arrives I can just measure it, but it would still be nice to have an Eagle footprint, or at least a copy of the board that I can cut and paste from.

  • I would like to duplicate the functionality of this board into my own circuit. What chip is used to create the 3.3v source from the lithium battery, and do you sell this chip?

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