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  • The guy in the adjacent office has one of these (he's EE) as he couldn't resist. It's a bit underwhelming for the money. The bandwidth limitation is severe. Now, the good news is the sample rate is legit on the digital pins. But there are only two of those.
    If you are thinking of the Quad and perhaps want to consider a step above and below...
    This QA100 box below is $125 more, but with 12 logic channels and dual 10-bit converters, it is a much more viable offering for folks doing development on MSP and AVR as long as they don't need the pocketability provided by the Seeed Quad. I have this scope, and the ability to write filters in C# (or CPP or C)for all the incoming data stream before it is displayed is huge. It also comes with two real scope probes
    PropScope has slightly lesser specs than the Quad, but is also a pretty decent offering with 4 logic channels. But for me, the 25Msps of the PropScope is a deal breaker.

  • Yes, this is exactly the problem. I've used this exact module with WinMo 6.x back in the day and it works great.

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