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  • One big issue is that the Gumstix was operating at a frequency much faster than the watch could handle, so I had to slow the Gumstix’s communications down so the watch could pick it up. That solved my problems. I believe the watch has a max clock speed of 25MHz? So it won’t be able to handle communications faster than that.

    Now I’m trying to get it working with my Beaglebone…

  • I am using this watch with a Gumstix linux mini computer to collect the accelerometer data and button presses. I have a strange problem where although I can usually put the watch in ACC mode and activate the antenna with the (down) button, every once in a while the watch will reset itself anytime I try to activate the antenna for any of the three modes ACC, PPT, or SYNC. The only way to get it to stop is to remove the battery and then put it back in. Does anyone know why the watch does this sometimes, and how to stop it? My software works fine as long as the watch doesn’t get itself stuck in this continuous reset mode.

  • I thought about this, but how would you load code stored on the EEPROM into a microcontroller? I’m not sure this idea is feasible, but if it is, I would love to know the mechanism by which I could implement this. Most microcontrollers (MSP430s, Atmels) are

  • is there a better guide or a troubleshooting resource? I’ve done everything correctly as far as I can tell. What would be really helpful is a diagnosis for common problems (such as using the wrong voltage levels) so i can tell if my issue, and Member #78736 below, is due to static discharge frying the chip or something defective about it.

  • The one I have garbles the data. It only occasionally responds to a command, as if the bit rate isn’t correct, but although that would explain the garbled text I haven’t been able to find a baud rate (other than 38400) that works. I only get garbled data back out, and I have to send every command several times before it “sticks”.

    I should add that it is still storing the data and trying to read it back out, but it messes it up. For example: Store “This is a sentence. 12345” and it will return something like: “}♦is is %^&ence. 1ss45” so I can see that the data is sort of in there. Upon repeated readouts it eventually has every character in the right place, but never all at once, so there’s clearly something wrong with readout, not with read-in (except for the problem receiving commands) or storage.

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