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  • Hello All
    I finally got this guy working. Ref
    for wiring and use the Example sketch.
    Very weird. First the problem seemed to be the jumper wires I was using between my Uno and the breadboard were picking up "noise" - one wire in particular seemd to be most sensitive - the LOW tie down on the SQW pin - when I used a shorter wire it appeared to work ok but after 20 secs or so the output would appear to get corrupted and fix it self agian after another 20secs - I set SPI.setDataMode(SPI_MODE3) and it seemd to stabilze the o/p
    Good Luck

  • Hello All
    I just started to play with this little guy. Love the cool blue display.
    However the "Users Manual" on this devivce is a bit thin on interfacing to the Uno - especially (1Pin) Serial TTL Mode.
    I got this working on SPI ok with Thanks to
    But I had difficulty with serial TTL.
    I found demos that worked well with Thanks to
    NewSoftSerial library required.... Once again Thanks to

  • Do you have these in UK/Ireland 3-Pin types?

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