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  • If you are using this board to actually create a CAN bus system (as I am for a robotic drone vehicle) then the skpang (designer of this board) code is not that helpful and a bit of a mess. It is well and good to be able to read things from your vehicle and log them, but that’s not helpful when you are trying to create an actual bus.

    Also, I really find it difficult when sample code does every conceivable thing all at once, forcing you to piece out the parts/understanding you need.

    To create a network of senders and receivers, I tried a few different libraries. I recommend using the CANDUINO one Although the boards are not exactly the same, it will work, and you can see a sender and receiver working. Other libraries I tried, such as the one from saeed studios, didn’t work for me, even though their boards are pin compatible. Might have something to do with their library using a CAN interrupt which, for me, was not reliable. Receiver would get only a single CAN message and then the interrupt would never fire again. Who knows why. Spent a number of hours on this.

    So just want to save other folks some time if they are looking to build an actual bus system, and not just read data from their vehicles.

    (Really wish a library link was included with this product. Could have saved me a lot of time.)

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