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  • Yes, you definately can. You just need to “terminate” the bus (connect can h and can l over a 120 Ω resistance - but better inform yourself about this, before you proceed!) and write the appropriate code for message handling.
    But when your done, it works like a charm

  • Yes you can - you need to rewire the CS and INT pin, define the new pins and change the mcp_2515 library - but it’s possible, I’m currently exploring the possibilities and will report on how responsive it is.
    I connected pin 2 and pin 10 of the second can shield to pin 3 and pin 5 of the arduino, added these two lines to defaults.h:
    #define MCP2515_CS_2 D,5 (pin 5)
    #define MCP2515_INT_2 D,3 (pin 3)
    and currently i created a copy of the mcp2515.c and .h, renamed it to mcp2515_2 and replaced the conflicting names and values with a suitable name_2 … and it works :)
    I’ll try to write a wrapper class, that you instantiate in code and tell it, which ports are used for which node

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