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  • Great job. Keep up the good work.

  • Wow, those went fast...

  • My adapter also failed after 2 or 3 insertions. Don't know if mine was counterfeit or not (nothing printed under the sticker), but after tearing it open, the construction inside is very cheap indeed. One of the loosely secured pins had gotten bent off to the side during insertion, causing the card not to be recognized by my card reader. Picked up a 2nd card locally, and that adapter is working fine for now.

  • Really disappointed that this board didn't include proper level shifter circuitry (e.g. 74HC4050). I had a to hack in a level shifter to the board to get it to work with a Sparkfun purchased 1GB sandisk microSD card. Running a part out of spec is just bad design practice. Sparkfun, I expected better.
    Hacking up the board what the day after you get it working is for. :)
    Also, highly recommend using sdfatlib over the library linked from this page. I found it was much easier to get up and running and has lots of nice pre-written examples to explore:

  • Is a specification sheet available for the protection circuit? Especially for the voltage and over-current thresholds.

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