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  • EDIT: looked at the datasheet for the receiver and it uses pulsed light so I answered my own question. "Does this use pulsed light to discriminate against ambient light or is this sensitive to ambient light? Can it be used out in the sunlight?"

  • or the most part no. We have seen multiple sensors on the same device used in Hackathons and other projects without issue. What kind of configuration were you thinking of?

    How about an array of 3 of them on the front of a robot for obstacle detection?

  • What camera will work with the camera slot? How about the one for the Raspberry Pi?

  • My AHRC friends are saying the SATA pins on the chip on this board are not connected to anything and this was probably done to reduce board layers/size/cost. Oh well. Maybe next version? Would be great for video and other things that need storage volume and speed.

  • R-pi people are big on using a powered USB hub. That isn't an issue with pcDuino?

  • I see SATA on the schematic. Is it pinned out? Can I connect a hard drive to it? Can I boot from that drive? This would be huge.

  • I do get dropped bits now and then. Is that the issue with the old ones? Can I get a discount on a new set? :P

  • Can you read signal strength with this? If so I would like to try using a pair to get a bearing on the transmitter.

  • Can you read the signal strength out of these so you could use them to get a bearing on the transmitter?

  • Doesn't the Vin pin on the Arduino want 7.5V - 11V? Wouldn't it be best if the booster was 9V instead of 5V? I have run into problems with using 5V on the Vin pin (look in the forums - powering your Arduino with 5V is a common beginner mistake). Much more stable if you use 7.5V or more. Seems it is designed for use with a 9V battery. Then you would use the 5V out on the Arduino to power your sensors and such. I could be wrong but this has been my experience.

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