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  • yes, works like a charm. Check out this post about my first project using this module with the FIO - http://vinterstitial.blogspot.com/2012/01/internet-doorbell-mk-i.html There is some example web server code at the bottom. The user manual is really useful in configuring it. I used xbee radios to program the FIO wirelessly, then just dropped in the configured wifly module and voila.

  • Yup - 2.31 fixes the problem with airport extreme. This thing works great with the fio - and the two together are cheaper than just the wifly sheild. Go figure.

  • Had problems after updating to 2.30, stopped working with Apple Airport Extreme, would cycle connect/disconnect constantly. WiFly Ver 2.28, 09-08-2011 on RN-171 works just fine. Just reporting this here so anyone with similar problem can try the different version.

    Nice module at a great price, plan on using these with the fio for low cost battery powered wifi projects.

  • there are a lot of opticouple triacs on the market in roughly the same price range that isolate your circuits better if you are connected to line power. MOC3063, etc. granted they usually are in a bigger form factor because they are this plus an led emmitter/receiver pair. triacs only work to switch AC, DC would only turn on, not off. sparkfun sells a beefier photoisolated triac (http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10636) that would probably be better for most typical applications.