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  • We ran into an issue with the 3V inverter. Actually the two AC output lines were backwards. It seems there’s a connection to ground inside the inverter, and hooking the inverter into the EL Sequencer caused a short. The AC voltage on the board at the EL Wire connections was something like 5 V AC, not 120 V AC.
    Taking apart the JST connection on the 3V inverter and reversing the two black wires fixed the problem.
    (To do that, use a flat screwdriver to gently press plastic tab on the the JST connection up to unlock the wires one at a time. Gently tug them out one at a time, then switch them and push them back in. Be gentle, don’t force it. You may want to mark which wire is which with tape before beginning so you know if you’ve made a switch. You may want to use helping hands to hold the plastic JST casing and use needlenose pliers to pull out the wire.)
    What’s funny is that the hooking the inverter directly to the el-wire and batteries worked just fine. Thus, the unit passed QC.
    @Sparkfun, you might consider adding a QC test to the inverters to check for the two black wires being reversed, as they are not interchangeable when used with this board.
    Hope this helps someone else, this was a pain to debug for us!

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