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  • After failing to come up with a suitable air-to-air defense system, he’s be relegated to a hidden corner of the DOD to while away his employment til retirement.

  • A Sparkfunster doing his best to be ready to catch an errant quadcopter before it hits the Atmel trailer during the 2014 AVC.

  • Stupid Powerpoint is not showing the labels highlighting the features of my new line follower!

  • I’ve almost exclusively depended on rechargeable batteries for years and used to buy the RS ones. I still have many in my stash, though I don’t trust all to be safely chargeable these days. For gifts, I got the 200-in-1 kit and Armatron, both of which I still have. I also have nearly all the Forest Mims books and use them frequently. Got one of the quadcopters for my son for Christmas and am still working on tuning it. I do appreciate having a RS staying open in my ‘hood because they have parts for phones, electronics, TVs, etc. so I rarely have to buy something new (hope that’s the case for years to come!).

  • One thing I’ve learned about working on the PC is the space in front of the keyboard is crucial for convenience when it comes to reading books and testing circuits. I often like to have the book in front of my chest when I need a guide and if the space is too narrow, it’s not comfortable with the book poking into my chest. In some cases I use a bookholder to the side of the monitor. Something to keep in mind as you use the bench over the years.

  • Sad that he might lose his job in Quality Control because he forgot to check that the propeller connects properly to the plane!

  • Rappin' with the chip ‘n Kiss

  • Is the Sparkfun Simon game an exact or close replica of the original one in terms of number of levels and speed?

  • Looks like our overnight experiment in the Sparkfun Media Room was successful!

  • The videos and pictures show MicroViews running without attached components (on fingertips). Is there a battery hook-up or is it just an image to show the size and the possible graphics?

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