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  • Interesting sensor. I wonder how the VOC readings would compare to those of the Grove gas sensors by Seeedstudio or Adafruit’s MiCS5524 gas sensor. It’s nice to have many options.

  • I really can’t fathom dealing with electronics so close to wastewater. Even dealing with Saran wrap (which will eventually tear) will be messy. Every flush produces an aerosol near the toilet. I prefer the idea of a PIR attached to a couple of semi-bright colored LEDs posted above, behind, or to the side of the toilet so there’s enough illumination to see around without bright light. Since my master bathroom is a three feet away from my bed, this is a must-try to avoid waking up my partner.

  • Has this been tested to see how long it can withstand high humidity assuming you somehow protect the Arduino?

  • I built a battery-powered soil sensor using a UNO, soil sensor, and 9V battery connector. As shared by others, the soil sensor can’t be left in soil for very long. A servo-actuated mechanism to lower the sensor periodically would be useful. I noticed that the soil has to be quite dry to lower the output considerably and it may be too dry for plants even though it feels moist to the touch. I’ll have to play around with fine-tuning thresholds. Could be a good science fair project for students.

  • Suggestion; when assembling something that involves a screen, I would take the protective film off last to minimize scratching until turned on.

  • I did a similar set-up with a frame of wood supporting the Pi, camera, and Pi touchscreen, but powered off mains. Helped me see interesting heat-leaking spots during winter.

  • A nice summary since I don’t usually keep up with the developments unless I need to find a board for a project. BTW, “Duemilanove” is misspelled on the first page. On the Lilypad page, “Wear it Out!” is misleading in a funny way - how about just “Wear it!”? :)

  • Oh no…looks like my lamp has turned into Luxo, Jr’s evil twin.

  • A nice build! Some, if not most, mirrors have a reflecting coating that can be scratched off in the corner to put the weather display.

  • Employee gets fired up after getting fired from Sparkfun!

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