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  • I’ve almost exclusively depended on rechargeable batteries for years and used to buy the RS ones. I still have many in my stash, though I don’t trust all to be safely chargeable these days. For gifts, I got the 200-in-1 kit and Armatron, both of which I still have. I also have nearly all the Forest Mims books and use them frequently. Got one of the quadcopters for my son for Christmas and am still working on tuning it. I do appreciate having a RS staying open in my ‘hood because they have parts for phones, electronics, TVs, etc. so I rarely have to buy something new (hope that’s the case for years to come!).

  • One thing I’ve learned about working on the PC is the space in front of the keyboard is crucial for convenience when it comes to reading books and testing circuits. I often like to have the book in front of my chest when I need a guide and if the space is too narrow, it’s not comfortable with the book poking into my chest. In some cases I use a bookholder to the side of the monitor. Something to keep in mind as you use the bench over the years.

  • Sad that he might lose his job in Quality Control because he forgot to check that the propeller connects properly to the plane!

  • Rappin' with the chip ‘n Kiss

  • Is the Sparkfun Simon game an exact or close replica of the original one in terms of number of levels and speed?

  • Looks like our overnight experiment in the Sparkfun Media Room was successful!

  • The videos and pictures show MicroViews running without attached components (on fingertips). Is there a battery hook-up or is it just an image to show the size and the possible graphics?

  • It’s such a waste to destroy them. Can you ship them back and have the covers redone in a different color? Is that financially feasible?

  • Okay, new employees, gather around! We’re working on adapting Mitch Altman’s NeuroDreamer sleep mask to dogs and you’re guessing right there’s a dog bed at my feet.

  • If the landlord will permit it, you can use a couple of long screws to fix the bench to studs in the wall. That’s how I get my free-standing bench to be stable enough to hammer on. Put the screws through the 2x4 just underneath the benchtop in the back. You could do the same for the top shelf or use masonite. Of course, plug the holes when you move out! :-D

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