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  • With a few minor modifications this board can be made much more capable. First, I removed the resistor and capacitor on the AVR’s reset line and added a 6-pin programming header, so I could use debugWire for development. Second, the FT232R has a built-in 48 MHz oscillator which can be output straight or divided by two, four, or eight to one of its CBUS (I/O) pins. By adding one jumper wire from an unused CBUS pin to the clock input pin of the ATmega328p, I can run the AVR at 12 MHz instead of the default 1 MHz. Third, I rewrote the firmware to actually use the AVR’s SPI port instead of bit-banging it, and I have it talking to an nRF24L01+ at 6 MHz. The AVR’s USART is running at 1.5 Mbps compared to the default 9600 bps, for maximum USB throughput. I also enabled dynamic payload size (a feature of the L01+), so it can receive packets with payloads from one to 32 bytes long. Now it’s pretty sweet!

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