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  • Can I use 2 Mux Shield in the same Arduino UNO?

    I am starting a sensor network using 16 temperature sensors, 16 red LEDs and 16 blue LEDs.

    I need one LED stay always ON (RED LED if the temperature is HIGH, until the state of the sensor change and turn ON the other LED(BLUE LED if the themperature is LOW).

    I want to know if this Mux Shield can do somethig like this code writed in Arduino. (Not exactly as above but some kind like this):

    void loop() {

    int Value1 = digitalRead(Xport); //this is just for 1 sensor,


                                //this turns ON the red LED,if the  
                               //the temperature is HIGH
      if (Value1 == 1)         //and keep it HIGH until the sensor
                               //value change to 0 and turn off 
                               //this led and turn on the BLUE LED.
      digitalWrite(ledPinx, HIGH);
      digitalWrite(ledPinx, LOW);
      if (Value1 == 0) 
      digitalWrite(ledPinx, HIGH);
      digitalWrite(ledPinx, LOW);
      delay(300000);  // 5 minutes


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