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  • Had one of these for two days before it completely failed. Upon inspection, it’s a “Jony”, and not a reliable brand. The adapter that came with the card works fine for my other microSDs, so I know it’s the card. Will be returning this product as soon as possible.

  • Can multiple instances of SDFile be created and used simultaneously? For example, if i wanted to parse some atmospheric data into one file and gps data into another, could I use
    SDFile data;
    SDFile location;
    char readings[] = “readings.txt”;
    char nmea[] = “nmea.txt”;
    and then subsequently
    data.open(root, readings, blah blah blah);
    location.open(root, nmea, blah blah blah);
    data.println(blah bloo blah);
    Or would I have to open/close one file, write to it, close it, then open/write/close the next?

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