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  • OK - i figured it out and since i started this it should probably go here. The serial port is named ser in my code, so ser.write() is the command to send out. The thing is super finicky with strings and the command code is out of the 7 bit ascii range. Here is how to do it:

    import array

    CLS = array.array('B', ([0xFE],[0x01])).tostring()
    note: to send another command, just change the second byte 0x01 to something else per manual





    This was using python3 (idle3) on the RPi. It seriously took me all night searching various forums to finally figure this out, hopefully it helps someone else out there!

  • Anyone have any luck interfacing this to a raspberry pi using python3?

    I got the serial interface up and running, but I'm having a hell of a time trying to get the control signal (0xFE) sent across. I'm sure this is an issue with the way Python handles the serial bytes, but I can't find anything on the interweb to help.

    Any working code for clearing the screen on this display running python's pyserial module would be much appreciated. The only possible solution I have at this point it to just fill the screen with spaces to erase what is there

  • Does anyone have code to support this sensor? Or a good schematic even? I've got it hooked up, but I can't get a stable reading when blowing over it in open air or through a tube holding the sensor. Any good setups to get a solid reading?

  • Greyscale
    I've had similar problems, but at long last I can get the screen to clear command to work succesfully. I haven't gotten any text or GFX to work - but I haven't picked it up in about 2 weeks. The method I used was going through the assembley code provided in the distar datasheet line by line and translating it to my hardware and into C (C18 pic complier).
    I took Malcolm's advice and got the datasheet for the T6963 and found that more helpful. I'm really trying to get my code to a functional point - the display looks great, unfortunatley it is a bit finky to program. What approach are you taking to programming the screen.

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