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  • So I don't have the MSO-28, I have the MSO-19 which is approximately the same except it is one analog channel. This meter is a waste of money. Now I'm not saying that it doesn't work because it does and it does work as a scope. What I am saying is that it is ridiculously overpriced when you can get a Sigilent scope for the same price. Some measurements I tested on my scope: 60MHz analog bandwidth!! Laughable. 60MHz/200MSa/s = 3 samples per waveform!! Really this scope is completely useless over about 20MHz. A spec not given is the capture rate. I clocked mine at a whopping 6 waveforms per second. You read that correctly, not 6,000. Not 60,000. 6. Also, 1GSa/s is only in repetitive mode, not real-time capture. That is limited to 200MSa/s. The serial decode doesn't really work. It sort of does, but gets hung up and isn't reliable to say the least. Compare all of this to the SDS1202X-E: Do what I should have done and buy a real scope.

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