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  • Dear FFT (fast fourier transform) users, If I understand this correctly, the processor is a Cortex-M0+. Therefore, should it support the CMSIS DSP (digital signal processing) library? If so would it give much improved FFT processing speed over using the standard Arduino library?

    Installing the Teensy 3 seems to do the job of getting the CMSIS DSP library installed, I think. However, calls to functions shown in the arm_math.h library are indicating an error in the Arduino compiler library. Does anyone have thoughts on making this work?

    Does anyone have any insight into the best way to get an FFT function running on this board?

  • I for one would be willing to make a donation towards a Redboard Inventors Kit for this young guy.

  • Super interesting thread!

    I would say the machine failed in a safe way. It did not start pouring hot water onto the floor, or at a person, it did not cause a fire in the coffee grinds, and it did not injure anyone. To me, fault tolerance is primarily about failing safely.

  • Would you be able to program with Processing on this?

  • Personally not sad to see it go. Too much PIA Factor for me.

    On the bright side, I'm VERY happy to see more educational events come to Canada!!!!!! Woohoo!!!! Come grab some Tim Horton's coffee, some donuts, and maybe some beaver tails; and we'll Arduino a new hockey score board built from Spark fun parts and Canadian Tire stuff. Or maybe we'll make a Touque that conviently displays the outdoor temperature (in °C). haha Come on up and I'll buy the 24 !

    Cheers, Dave

  • Well Played!

  • It would have been nice if the pushbutton had been put on pin 2 or 3. It would have allowed people to easily demonstrate an interrupt program. Other than breaking the board apart, is there a way around this?

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