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  • Couldn't agree more. The captchas weren't a bad idea, much better than just pressing F5 (which is very unfair). If there were 6M entries, one would probably have a 50% chance of winning after 1 and a quater hours. of competing with about one captcha every 4 seconds, so it is defiantly fair for everyone who can complete a captcha. I got lucky after just about 1 and a half hours. Reckon you should do it the same next time, Sparkfun.

  • I have finally managed grab a few hours of sleep (+8 GMT in WA) after digitalising nearly an entire book of captchas. My efforts have been greatly rewarded though, with $100 after only an hour and a half of non-stop entries. No captcha will every suprise me again, some of them were massive formulas and the winning one actually had a scanned word that was nearly completely off the page, good thing I guessed it right. Even though the some of the captchas were so horrible to solve, I still reckon they were a good idea, and the geiger counter too. It gives nearly everyone a fair chance of winning, rather than a just reloading a page (where a bot could be used). Thanks to Sparkfun for this event and to that last radiation particle that happened to hit the Geiger at just the right moment. Now, about those accelorometers...

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