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  • at least one reason for this price-point is that MOSS builds these right in Colorado, not using slave-labor in some far-flung, toxic corner of the world.

    I'm seriously considering buying one of these, even though I too build things from chips, wires, solder.

  • agree with everyone else before me - this is a fine kit. Assembled in under an hour, worked first time with careful soldering.

    Have a magnifying glass to read the resistor-bands, and heed the instructions that say "install only parts listed on BOM". Works well. Happy with this purchase

  • 1m = 100cm and 1N = 0.102 kg (

    so 90 =

    90 x 1m/(100cm) x 0.102 kg/N The cm-units cancel, the N-units cancel, leaving .. . .

    = 90 / 100 x 0.102 = 0.0918 kg.m gives the answer as 91774.44 kg.m

    use numberfactory at your risk. Check this with any mechanical engineer you know; jeez - even check it with any other unit-conversion site.

    Small surprise NASA lost a mars explorer because they didn't know how to convert between units.

  • Can someone help me understand why the 3.3V can't be created with simply one LDV33? Seems there's an awful lot of soldering, resistors and LEDs going on to just shift the voltage from whatever (5V) to 3.3V.
    I'm sure I am missing something, and that the "3.3v 100ma regulator" is needed, but I have no idea what that is

  • CRM, ERP - run screaming from both of these. Seen 'em all and it's not worth it.
    You will sink way more money and effort into either or both of these than the value you get out.
    Commonsense data storage and offsite backups in 2separate places is all you need
    Also ask yourselves whether "growth" is wht you want. And then ask gown much. The world is crawling with MBA types who consider growth possibilities to be infinite (it's not, and not everyone wants it)

  • I echo most everyone else here - don't do ERP. For all that we hold dear and love, for the love of pete don't do it.
    There is nothing - nothing (and I say this after 20+ years in industry : energy, chemicals, technology of all sorts as an chemical engineer, software engineer, consulting all over the world) that some good common-sense committed people cannot do, and do better than any of the rapacious vendors can do for you. I could name them, but won't.
    Better off spending your money on your own people, talking and figuring out where you can do better - figure it out incrementally, and make changes incrementally. I have seen "business process re-engineering", and ERP implementations drain the life out of already lifeless companies.
    Above all, don't blow a wad of money on overpriced consultants and/or software.
    Start at and and find pieces that incrementally address needs; as long as it's open, you can find ways to hook it all up with SOA as someone else here has mentioned already. Stay open-source and do not pay a license-fee to anyone without establishing value, and for the love of ____ don't get locked into a vendor. They ALL promise the earth with glossies and Powerpoints, but lock you in for life.
    The combined knowledge already within Sparkfun surpasses anything that any outsider can tell you, or software can bring. Listen to yourselves and your people, and (keep? based on what I hear along the grapevine) rewarding internal value.
    The single most critical thing is communication - direct & real-time (email has limits . .. . use in-person, phone, and IM - in that order), and ensure clearly-defined responsibility-boundaries and hand-offs. Eliminate assumption of anything that can be verified at little/no cost. Live long and prosper.

  • scratch that.
    Eyes aren't what they used to be. I see now that each square pad is isolated not only from the square pads, but that nothing is connected to the ground-plane unless you connect it yourself.

  • so help me out here if you don't mind .. . . is the idea that you solder everything on the "isolated square" side, and only poke the pins that you want grounded through the hole, and solder to the ground-plane?
    Which I think means I'd need to either bend pins horizontally to prevent them sticking through, or keep things like DIP sockets raise so pins don't protrude though the holes.

  • 2 thumbs up.
    It's great when someone who's excited and interested in something talks about it.
    Nice job Pete - these ATP videos achieve more in 5 minutes than my EE lectures used to achieve in 45 minutes.
    Keep these coming please

  • Having some inexplicable difficulties with thermistor measurements (using this NTCLE100E3103JB0)
    First, I breadboarded the thermistor in a voltage-divider using a 10K resistor. Fine - no problems. Then I took 2 x five ft. lengths out of an ethernet cable (measured the resistance of each strand - less than 2 Ohms - solid copper ), and put the thermistor on the extension. Now the temperature fluctuates up and down by about + and -1F. Makes no sense to me.
    Any ideas anyone?
    Is my simple V-divider circuit inadequate? (Arduino Uno, 5-v supply, 10K resistor, and this thermistor).

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