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  • In case anyone is interested, I made a 3D printed case that will let you mount this relay inline in a power cord. You can find the details here.

  • I too would be interested in solder suggestions for this sensor. I have successfully soldered the part using a heat gun (not recommended according to the data sheet). The returned pressure is a bit lower than I would have expected, but not completely unreasonable. I also used flux (before soldering) and 99% isopropyl to wash the board (after soldering). I attempted to avoid completely submerging the part in the isopropyl, but I am unsure if this could cause problems. Do you guys have any thoughts on that?

  • I may have missed it, but I cant seem to find anywhere what the driving voltage for the LED backlight is. Pins 15 and 16, labeled LED+ and LED-. Is it also 3.3 volts?

  • This is pretty dumb. You have my support, FWIW.

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