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Member Since: October 5, 2007

Country: Denmark

  • Gome back again any time, my home is always open

  • ADC ascii writes over long time = bugs..
    I started a 6ch adc ascii loging, 100hz
    with the supplied micro SD card 1GB from sparkfun,
    after 6-8hrs I get some wierd logs like missing
    data, look here:
    505 231 196 233 305 338
    505 232 197 232 302 339
    305 339 (here data is missing)
    505 232 195 233 308 340
    505 231 194 232 308 339
    505 232 196 233 307 343
    504 231 196 233 197 232 301 338 (n1)
    505 231 197 232 303 338
    n1 = here too much data placed on the same line ??
    any one with a fix for this ?
    I dont want to write C code or compile,
    I prefer to get a fixed HEX code I cam upgrade my
    units with, is that possible ?
    any users with fix hex codes please email me thomas at webx dot dk, thanks in advance

  • ascii log file analog signal order:
    ch8 ch1 ch2 ch3 ch4 ch5 ch6 ch7
    AD1.3 AD0.3 AD0.2 AD0.1 AD0.4 AD1.7 AD1.6 AD1.2
    so channel 8 comes first in the log file,
    and ch 8 comes last on the board takes a few minutes to figure out, why not just use same order :-)
    and wierd naming in the configure file, why not
    name them 1-8 like on the bords, normal userd
    dont want to be bothered with the wierd arm analog naming
    AD1.3 for channel 8 = too complex

  • about page 2 in the datasheet:
    Operational Limits
    Altitude < 18,000m or
    Velocity < 515m/s
    COCOM limit, either may be exceeded but not both
    does this mean we can use this for ultra hight altitude balloon flights ?
    what happens when one parameter is exceeded ?
    and at both ? and how will it recover again ?

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