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  • Hi, I used AVRstuduio 4.18 and my programmed is a JTAGICE MKII Chinese clone from MCUzone (I got from ebay). Any in-circuit programmer for atmels should do fine. I did not solder the 6-pin header in the board as it takes too much space and the fob wont click closed. I just held it in place with a bit of a gentle twist on it to ensure contact. Programming only takes a second so its not too fiddly. Enjoy!

  • Hi, Code files (for AVR studio) are at: http://www.s116733136.websitehome.co.uk/C_keyfob.zip See the readme.txt for what to change. Its almost the same as the original version from sparkfun, just minor changes (and room for more improvement...) Hope it helps..

  • Got my keyfob today and after some minor tweaking works well.
    I modified the keyfob firmware to give a button number (1..5) instead of a bit pattern and set the transmission to 2-byte CRC instead of 1-byte so the transmitted packet is more robust.
    My receiver is the sparkfun module..
    http://www.sparkfun.com/products/705 using some arduino code for receiving.
    Initial range is about 40ft but the setup was not optimal so some more testing required.
    Here is an Arduino sketch I modified to allow reception of an off-the-shelf unmodified keyfob. Makes it easier to just get something working.

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