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  • The top side shows tiny bars between the interconnected holes.

  • You can fit two, but one of them sticks out a bit if you solder the LED and buttons.
    Please see http://twitizer.com/AmhV1

  • You mean Arduino Pro Mini? Should work, but look out for the interconnected holes.

  • You can actually fit two Breadboard Mini Self-Adhesive (see http://twitizer.com/AmhV1). In that case I recommend that you don't solder the LED and buttons, so the other board doesn't stick outside of the shield.

  • I've made a review of sorts of this board:
    If I've misunderstood something, feel free to let me know. I got and built it today, so I haven't had much time with it.
    And I've still to determine what the 2D interconnected area is for. A mystery.

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