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  • I'm not sure, if you post this at the Forums with the Firmware Version, the programs your usig, the code your writing, any updates you have done, the power source your using, if you have followed any instructions, and the errors it gives back, you'll get more input from more experienced users...I'm not using Win7 yet....still XP... keep at it you'll find your answer. :)

  • Rusty... the pin outs look about the same; 9v pin 24, GNDs, but I believe the Basic stamp series uses the standard RS232 protocol where it has the ATTN pin. The Arduino mini uses TTL Logic I believe, no need for the ATTN pin.. see schematics of both chips and see schematics of Board of educations Serial version and the USB version; *NOTE on the USB version the FTDI chip uses the missing ATTN pin needed for the Basic Stamp series. Same thing for the POP-BOT; TTL logic see Schematics.

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