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  • What’s the purpose of Q2 in the schematic?

  • Thanks for the response. Do you actually have one of these? Can you confirm it’s actually pulling near 5.4A? 65W seems awfully high for 3 feet of LEDs. With it being 12V it seems like they’d be grouping the LEDs and running them in groups in series or something.

    Edit: Oh, right, like Kamiquasi said below. Sounds like 3 per series group. So cut the current/power estimate by 3. And Kamiquasi mentioned 20mA. So which is it?

  • Any chance of lowering the volume discount level on these? I need 20m, but if I buy 4 of these I’m going to end up paying $20 more than buying 20 of the 1m version.

  • More info please! What’s the schematic? Just resistors in series with the RGB inputs of the LED? What’s the max current draw?

  • This product made me a hero.

    The left button on my wife’s laptop had given out and was failing to register a press about 25% of the time. The culprit was a button just like this except in SMT gullwing form, soldered to the motherboard. I happened to have one of these sitting around (which I didn’t even know… the wife found it while digging through my spare parts). I straightened and bent out the legs with a pair of needlenose pliers and snipped them down, and it was a perfect replacement.

    Lesson learned: you can never have too many spare parts. (Alternate lesson: I could really use a hot-air rework station. My desolder-fu is weak.)

  • I’ve got one of these plugged into a standard Arduino Uno (DIP version), and it’s working just fine with no apparent ill effects. As near as I can tell from the board, it pulls power from the Vin pin and runs it through a regulator to get its 3.3V.