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  • Hey Folks, the data sheet has become detached (6/9/19). No big deal; it is available on line at other sites. But thought I'd let you guys know.

  • Sorry for the late reply. Lead-free solder is all I use. It works great. Of course, I also use flux like its going out of style. I can't remember for sure, but I think on my last project I was using a temp of about 700 F (370 C). I'd have to look at my notes. But make sure you check out the data sheets for the components you're soldering. Some of them specify maximum solder temperatures and exposure durations. Example, 260 C for 5 seconds. Remember though that your solder temperature probably isn't the same as your iron temperature. It's probably lower. I was using the 700 F (370 C) and not ruining my 260 C LEDs.

  • I ordered this iron a few months ago after I decided to try to learn a bit more about electronics. I must say that I, too, love this little unit. So much so that I'm now on the warpath to try to find different tips so I can try surface mounting components. That's how much confidence this little unit has given me in my soldering skills! But the only complaint/question I have is about calibration. The instruction manual goes through a calibration procedure for when you replace a tip. It involves "removing the calibration plug." I have a hole in the front that is marked CAL(ibration). But no plug in it. What am I missing? Probably headed for a "D'oh! moment," but I'm tired of wondering about it.

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