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  • All I can say is: poor, poor, unobservant Shawn.

  • “Cruising Speed: 76.47 Knots”? Very clever, Sparkfun.

  • I may be wrong, but I believe the GPS system flat out ignores leap seconds. I remember having a conversation about this with one of the broadcast engineers that I’ve worked with at one of the various television stations that I’ve worked at over the years. It’s not uncommon now for your local stations to get their “house time signal” from a GPS antenna on the roof somewhere. He told me that our time was off by several seconds now. This was a few years ago, so this may have changed since then.

  • I was in my local Micro-Center shortly after that whole “yellow is a trademark” incident and found one of the contraband units that the border patrol didn’t catch. I didn’t even need a multimeter at the time, but I bought it anyway, so I could have a collector’s item. I had forgotten about that until this showed up in the New Products Post this week.

  • That’s good information. Thank you very much for the reply. Heading off to Google, now….

  • I was wondering if I could use the PWM output of a microcontroller as the input for these ICs. I am trying to think of some way to drive an array of 10 columns of 20 rows of LEDs, but I want to control each row independently and I was thinking maybe of using something like this PWM Shield for the inputs. Someone tell me if I am way off-base with this, too. I would hate to release any of the magic blue smoke. Thanks!

  • Ditto that. I ended up just taking the one that fit properly to my local ACE Hardware and found another one that had the matching thread pattern. I think it cost me about 30 cents. YMMV

  • I wear sombreros, now. Sombreros are cool.

  • Maybe we shouldn’t have waited till Halloween afternoon to go to the costume store.

  • Rochester Science Museum

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