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  • What formula is everyone using to convert Vout to current?

    Going by the graph I found in the datasheet I used the following:

    Current = [Vout - (Vcc/2)] * 5

    At 0.5A, I get more or less accurate readings but wild swings at 0.01. People below me in the commends have said they go 6mA accuracy and I'm wondering if I'm calculating wrong.

    Yusif Nurizade

  • Same problem with the autoconnect; it goes as far as joining my network and just stops there without any progress. Please advise.

  • I had the same problem and this seemed to solve it. I noticed that when I was trying to connect via the 80, it would not allow me but still connected via the 2000 (despite the fact that I changed the port and got an AOK). I restarted the connection and before joining reset the port, worked like a charm. Thanks followr!

  • I am new to using a Wifly and have been trying to follow the tutorial. I am getting stuck on the Teraterm part. I am connecting via comp4 (where the Arduino is connected to computer) and while I am seeing the success message, it won't allow me to enter the $$$ command. Same thing is happening in the serial monitor option of the Arduino program; I can't enter any commands at all. Any suggestions? I would really appreciate it!

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