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  • I contacted them and they gave me the source code. You can get it at http://www.otherrealm.org/car/car.php (note, I don't know their terms of use as most of their documents are in Mandarin. My modifications have a GPL license)

  • Anything heats up if you put enough current through it (as long as it is not at near absolute zero temperatures). The question is how much current is required to get it to heat up to a noticeable value. So what the resistance is would be a good question that I would also wonder. Are there any data sheets on this?

  • Does anyone know if I get the source code for the MagicCar.apk app that came with the device anywhere? I'm mainly looking to do software hacks but my knowledge of android API is limited so having something to go on would be very helpful. Great, thanks, I'm eager to get started.

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