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  • I have discovered that some of the newer 20x4 LCD displays work at 3.3 volts. Dimmer than at 5 v, but still quite usable. Just think, direct connection to a Pi, Beaglebone Black, or PCDuino without level shifters. Has anyone tried these particular displays at 3.3 volts?

  • Download a bootable Ubuntu image for the PCD Lite here: http://www.pcduino.com/?page_id=1689

    Note that the Ubuntu image for the regular PCDuino doesn’t seem to work on the Lite. Note also that when expanding the partition to the max size of a 16 GB micro SD card, resize2fs takes about half an hour to run. Probably correspondingly longer for a 32 GB card. So, be patient.

  • These little redboards are great for prototyping with a solderless breadboard. Just make one change when assembling – use stackable headers instead of the supplied ones. The pins on the stackable headers need just a little tweaking to get them to fit into a solderless breadboard, and voila, you’ve got a complete hardware development system. And if you should somehow blow the ‘328, just get a new one for a couple of bucks and plug it in.

    This item is a hidden treasure, and Sparkfun should do more to publicize it.

  • Well, the next version of this board will probably be a killer. Here’s what the pcDuino needs.

    1) Get rid of the semi-compatible Arduino headers and instead have a socket for plugging in an ATM328 coprocessor daughter board that accepts Arduino shields with no adapter needed.

    2) More video output options, including RCA jacks for NTSC/Pal monitors, a VGA jack, more HDMI video modes supported, etc.

    3) Socket the SOIC chip, so it can be replaced if blown.

    Well, hey, I can always dream.

  • Hey, Sparkfun. You know what the pcDuino needs to make it a runaway bestseller? A conversion kit or set of cables to enable it to interface with a Motorola Atrix lapdock, just like the Raspberry Pi can do. Yeah, so for under 100 bucks extra, you can get a single-unit HDMI display, with keyboard and trackpad to hook up to the pcDuino. Is this doable, or what?

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