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  • I imagine if you guys would manufacture an inverter with the barrel plug that would allow the choice between power sources it would sell well. Nothing fancy just an on/off switch, maybe powering three 3m strands, possibly compatible with the 9v you guys sell ( lol.

  • I ordered 9 of them since the price was great on them. Had already slated 3 to be taken apart, figured might as well test different voltage out of curiosity. The common point in the thread was that they seemed dim with 3 volts and two strands. So when I saw it worked at 6v wanted to see what would happen at 9v. I know the logic is a bit flawed, but having the barrel jack , and arduino battery packs laying around on the bench curiosity got the best of me.

  • Hacked one today , I used the left over barrel jack from the 12 volt inverter ( after doing the mod listed in the tutorial for El Wire( The barrel jack makes it easy to connect to the 4 cell battery pack ( Ran it for about 5 minutes in each setting driving two of the 3m El Wire strands, nice and bright, no puff. Tried my luck with a 9 volt battery pack ( it puffed in under a second. Good luck guys.

  • Dude did you break Zardoz again.... Yeah he doesn't seem to like my loud music.

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