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  • Any idea when backorder will be filled? I believe on the beagle board blog, they suggested that is was in production on 5/5/2014 and all backorders should be completed within two weeks. Any update on the status?

  • I just recently got in trouble using interrupts with I2C. I am using a port expander (MCP23008) which will generate an interrupt on any of the bit changes. Great function, easy to use, except - that during the ISR (Interrupt Service Routine) I was trying to read the device to determine which bit changed. Bad idea, this chip uses the I2C communications which require interrupts, but interrupts are turned off during an ISR and everything goes kinda south.

    Bottom line - don't do things that will require an interrupt during an ISR; rather, set a flag that will be "POLLED" to let some non-interrupt routine read the device.

  • What is used for the antenna for this product. Seems if you want a PCB trace antenna you need a 4 layer board. Does SparkFun have the antenna products also?

  • Sorry about the formatting
    char buffer[100];
    int idx=0;
    void setup() {
    SerialUSB.println("Enter command");
    void printCommand(){
    SerialUSB.print("command: ");
    void clearBuffer(){
    for(int x=0;x < 100;x++){
    void readResponse(){
    while(Serial1.available() && idx < 98){
    buffer[idx++]= Serial1.read();
    SerialUSB.print("response: ");
    void echoChar(char c){
    SerialUSB.print(" char: ");
    void loop() {
    // clearBuffer();

  • Just got this board and (because I mostly have no idea what I'm doing) have been only moderately successful.
    Hooked up to a Maple board (an arduino board with a bit more power/memory and I/O). The board has multiple uarts (I'm using 1) and support for USB so the program will need a bit of mods for the Arduino
    connected 4 wires pwr, gnd tx1 (wired to rx on the wifi) and rx1 (wired to tx on tlhe wifi)
    This simple minded program below will allow you to enter the commands on the USB serial, submit them to the wifi and echo the response.
    Hope this helps someone.
    Here is the initial stuff I did to associate my network (my ssid=f3wk) I use wpa2 security
    command: AT+WPAPSK=f3wk,mysecretkey
    response: part of my secretkey
    Computing PSK from SSID and PassPhrase...
    command: AT+WA=f3wk
    response: Gateway
    command: AT+NSTAT=?
    response: .0 DNS2=
    Rx Count=26 Tx Count=883

  • I can not seem to find any documentation on this. Here is my question.
    Does the 2 wire serial have any commands to write to the SD card? (that is, send a file to the sd card to play?)
    If not, does this device have any way of sending the raw data over serial from some other source?
    I'm thinking the the SD card has to have the audio on the card before inserting into the player - is this correct?

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