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  • "hair dryer"? Seriously?

  • I live 1.01 miles from the SparkFun building. So no, the $2 doesn't really matter, but no, I wouldn't be spending that much to get there. :-)

  • [cheapskate]Does that mean no handling fee for local pick-up, too?

  • My mistake; I see that the operating speed of the chip depends on how the PLL is programmed, and hence a 13MHz oscillator can be used to run the system at the same speed as a 20MHz oscillator.

  • "Note that the XC-5.xn selects a 20MHz external oscillator. To have all timing I/O be properly scaled, you must change the oscillator frequency in the .xn file to 13MHz." To ask the obvious question, why not just use a 20MHz crystal? Why throw away 35% of the potential performance of this chip?

  • Those of you in foreign countries: don't feel bad. I live 1.1 miles from the SparkFun building and I was not able to get my order in. I started trying to load pages at 8:59AM and was able to successfully reach the site ONCE between then and the cutoff time. Even though I filled my cart the night before I was unable to place the order, even though I refreshed as fast as Firefox would time out. Maybe I should have tried refreshing faster but, well, I have other things to do with my time. :-)
    Neat idea, but yeah, it didn't seem to work out so well. Maybe next time a lottery for 1000 $100 coupons?

  • So by linking to your Unregulated Power Supply Tutorial, are you implying that this adapter is unregulated? Or are you implying that this adapter is regulated and thus free of the drawbacks of unregulated supplies?

  • I agree that the address should be configurable on this board. Just some pads that could be bridged with a dab of solder would be fine. Next rev?

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